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There is a kind of relief there. For better or for worse. I find it immeasurably better that my wife has told me to go. What I want to do is pay an extremely attractive woman of legal age – twenty to twenty-seven, let’s say – to kneel in front of me and slide my erect penis between her lips and through her mouth and into her throat. I want to have an orgasm there, and be able to feel that exquisite czech porn online bliss of release without the slightest sliver of a doubt that she will back away or pull me out of her before I am ready.

I want to be able to hold her down as forcefully as I like, despite being fully convinced that she would not want to pull away. Whatever ambivalence I feel about watching women remove their clothes and dance before me for money and for my arousal and entertainment, I feel less of the uneasiness and more of the thrill due to receiving my wife’s permission.

I want her to want to do it. There are things I want to do that are against the law. I have received permission from my wife, though I would go even if I hadn’t. There are parts of me (and therefore I imagine there are parts of many people) who want some things I know are wrong. I want her lips pressed against my lower torso and I do not mind if she gags or struggles as long as she keeps me deep down into her throat.

I want her to be willing. I would not enjoy the reality of having a slave, of having to care for them and ensure their health and survival. Today I am visiting a strip club. When I hear the true horror stories of men or women kept against their will, used repeatedly, exchanged among a shady underworld of buyers and sellers, I am disturbed to the edge of breakdown. As a mid-teenager with a budding sexuality, one of the first stories I wrote was of a man who had expanded his unfinished basement, adopted an undocumented child of dubious origin and promising amateur sex tapes looks, and kept her locked for years in that basement.

I want the monetary exchange to be fair and appropriate and for both me and her to be thankful for the experience and porn tube backroom casting porn happy we followed through. I remember a scene in which the girl is thirsty and the man explains that, as on any other day, her sustenance must come first from his own body before she even begins to earn her daily food or drink. This fictional man of my creation (clearly a stand-in for some depraved portion of my own psyche), conditioned the girl through her pubescence and early adulthood.

But I suspect that part of what contributes to my especially vivid and exaggerated sensation of terror and revulsion is my own hidden desire, fleeting though it may be, to exercise absolute control over another person for no reason other than erotic satisfaction. Without pleasing him, she believed, she would not receive food or water or sunlight or anything else.

I do not want that in reality, of course, but there is a difference between reality and fantasy. Unlike when I was a teenager, I have no sexual desire for minors, but occasionally a thought slips into my mind that sparks a fascination for overwhelming domination.

I enjoy the fantasy of having a slave. I believe in the scene he was holding a biscuit which she eyed as she obediently fellated him. In this story, which I deleted probably within a week of finishing, I believe the girl came to love and appreciate the man, seeing him new woodman casting porn as the source of all her survival needs. It would be nice, is all, to be able to exercise the severest extent of any brutality that my erotic imagination may suggest might be pleasurable.

I imagine pushing the fair-skinned, glossy-haired head of a beautiful woman into the crook of a corner and tying her hands behind her back and playing the game where I try to keep her choked with my cock long enough to cause unconsciousness while she does everything in her limited abilities to resist. Serving him to the absolute fullest extent of her capability was not just prudent to her mind, it was moral.

I masturbated repeatedly to this story over the days I wrote it. I want to look down affectionately into their deeply affectionate eyes and bond with no false profundity with each of them, momentarily, fleetingly, honestly. ) And I want their mouths open, and to be able to thrust into them one at a time, moving casually and comfortably down the line, plunging the depths of them, admiring the subtle variations in tightness and resistance and moisture and the peripheral scuff of their teeth.

I imagine contraptions that hold a skull so firmly in place that pulling away is impossible. It’s true that I don’t need the world, but it’s also true that it could use improving. Lest you think I want nothing more than to be a kind of harem king, I guess I should say I want a public acknowledgment. How would the world not be better if consenting adults could transact in some marketplace or public thoroughfare?

Twelve or fifteen should suffice. I want to be able to accept money from a woman who desires to please me in some way, and I don’t see why I shouldn’t be allowed to by law. (I don’t need the world. And, of course, I want to be able to offer monetary reward for my own personal pleasure.

I want to be able to slap them or bring them any other strong sensation of pain (or anything else) at will, and I want them to want it all, I want them to want more deliberately than any other want in their lives for everything that happens to adhere as purely as possible to my desire. I want a room of nuanced girls, all legal, bound on their knees in a line.

Brothels, and even prostitution in general, are illegal in my area. I will do so, and I will sit there casually with a Coke on ice and watch these girls (some of whom are little more than 18 years old) move seductively on a stage lit with colored lights. The closest I can come to what I want is to travel to a designated facility, pay a fee upon entrance, sit civilly with money on my person, and distribute stipend after earned stipend to erotic performers as they make their living.

As I watch they will peel their skin-tight outfits down or up or off, or else they will pull away their flowing fabrics and drop them daintily or toss them athletically. I want to be able to offer my services in exchange for others, so long as those services do not cause unwanted harm. czech porn girl These nameless beautiful girls will ask me, pleasantly, entreatingly, if they could please place their slender bodies on my lap and writhe delightfully against me.

I want to be able to offer to cause a person pain if they want pain, in exchange for swallowing my member into their throat. And she undoubtedly will turn around and bend at the waist and cradle my erection against her ass and pulse backwards toward me in an excess of friendliness. And then their music will end and they will come to me where I hold my slips of paper money and they will perform their false but still somewhat endearing flirtation, and I will tuck my dollar bills between their squeezed and offered tits or in the waistband of their thongs.

And yes, of course, I will say yes. I will certainly tip, and I will tip well. I will watch and imagine the things I could do to them. As she is working on me, I will be working on her in my imagination. I will allow myself to picture these acts in some other context where she is doing what she is doing not for the extra money but to convince me I should keep her or that she should remain alive.

I imagine this hypothesized stripper knows and accepts that her patrons may be thinking of other things, may well be desiring other things of her, while their transaction commences. Today I am visiting a strip club. As she allows me to think whatever it is I want without remark. I don’t believe this is a breach of trust.

I will just think the way I think for my enjoyment, and allow her not to know those thoughts. How do you feel about a private dance? These girls, these performers, these splendid attractive female bodies who are nonetheless as much a legitimate subjective entity as me or anyone else (despite my transactional and petty and fleeting objectification of them), will dance their strip shows and lap dances and take my tips and my long glances, and then, even then, they will ask me for more.

I do not feel obligated to share with her whatever more comprehensive gratification I feel from imagining that our acts together might be something other than what they are. I will take my fill of leisurely admiring their curves and clefts and their athleticism and flexibility. Up for a private dance yet? This thing she does is a far cry from the dark fantasies I have hiding somewhere in my mind, but it is also the closest I can get to realizing them.

Only then, after admiring as many of them as there are, will I say yes to the most successful. She, whatever graceful being that is, will necessarily want me to be pleased. I will deny them, but not for long. I’ll say yes to her offer of a private dance, and then I will follow her across the room, watching every movement of her walk with simple unfettered attraction.

My desire will not be manic but will be pure and calm and confident in the reassurance my patience has made. Think you want to go in back for a private dance? She will be as nude as all our ancestors have ever been and she will grind against me I will pull her into me and feel her body with the same wanting that is the oldest wanting and she will grind against me harder and gasp into my ear and move until I stop my thinking and gasp myself.

She will give to me in her paid performance an experience as blissfully divine and ecstatic as one person can give another, and the both of us will Chzec porn be thankful for it. And she will writhe just so and raise her sculpted chest before my face and do, to an extent (and it is precisely this idea of an extent that I wish I could sidestep), what she genuinely thinks I will enjoy enough to tip her more.

She will quality-check for my enjoyment and I will tell her she has done a good job. She will thank me again and the appreciation in her thanks will be more honest and expressive than it usually is for her. I will pay a third party who knows the service about to be performed and he or she will picture it almost unconsciously but say nothing.

Then she will stand and grab her clothing and I will pull from my pocket yet more money to give her and I will likely give her all that remains of what I have budgeted for this affair. Then she will recognize me as a considerate consumer of the product with which she trades and in so doing she will come closer to accepting the notion of the world I sometimes dream.

I will tap that primordial well at the center of my brain that free czech Casting pictures values hips and succulence and plump lips and palm-fit breasts and able jaws and ease of movement and pristine bodily capability, and I will let them take over as full a portion of my sense of carnal sexuality as they are able. submitted by Anonyminc
[link] [comment] She will release from me all this lust-drunk thinking in a way as close to good as good acts can be.

And then again I will follow the girl across the room and down a hallway and through a curtain and there I will recline in a plush chair and she will face me and show herself to me in the quiet light.

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czech anal porn - The Fight Against Casting Xxx Videos

If youd be interested in being on a mailing list Im working up, so youd know when I uploaded a story, just PM with your email address amateur porn tumblr and Ill add you to it. It had been a quiet afternoon when the young woman came bursting through my front door, and I was not altogether glad to see that go out the window.

Hey guys, this is a story I wrote a while ago as a response to a gif that Ill post in the comments. Also, if you like my work, I will be publishing work on Amazon in the near future. I was challenging myself, just trying to see if I could come up with a story around it.

I got to my feet as soon as I heard the crash of the door slamming into the wall, and when her eyes met mine my fists balled. It was my first Saturday out of the hospital in months, and with both cell phone and pager securely locked away, I had dedicated my day to the comfort of my armchair and quart of whiskey.

Its suitably ridiculous, but I hope you like it anyway – people seemed to before. Her wild blonde hair fell over them, and when she jerked her hand up to brush said hair out of the way, I noticed her hands were sunburned and calloused. This girl was no threat. I did however take a peek behind her, just in case; you never know when someones junkie boyfriend is going to use them as the distraction or the bait, after all.

"Are you alright, miss? I took a look at all of her, and my fist relaxed. She was a small girl, thin with features that had managed to stay soft even sitting aside her feral eyes. She looked me dead in the eye and from her throat came a chorus of low croaks.

" My tone was as calm and measured as I could make it, and when her head snapped over to register it I became sure that there was something wrong here. Not dangerous, just damaged. The last thing I could imagine wanting was some fresh hell barging into my living room, though I suppose looking back on it now that evidences more a lack of imagination than predetermination on my part.

She did not seem outwardly grimy, just unwashed with blotches of burned skin popping up all over her body. It was putrid, easilys days of accumulated sweat and filth. She opened her mouth, and that croak turned into a low, guttural moan. "Miss," I started again, my training kicking into high gear, "Miss, are you in need of assistance? I took a step closer, and the overwhelming smell of her body odor almost stopped me in my tracks.

For just a second, that deep primal part of me I thought had been evolved away millenia ago overrode me entirely and I wished she was maybe just a little more banged up, maybe that shirt could be completely destroyed instead of just inching towards it. I guess its true what they say; you can send a boy to med school, but hell just come out a Dr.

Are you in need of assistance? Her clothes were loose and, with quite some embarrassment I must admit I noted, tattered around her chest. Her pupils dilated and went darting every which way, her gaze passing over everything without seeming to take any of it in at all. "Im sorry miss," I fumbled, "But I dont have any water.

Finally, her eyes seemed to quite down for just a moment, and they locked on mine. "
I knew where this was going, and I felt my insides drop. we havent had tap water out here for a few days now. Thats what I fucking said to this half naked delirious woman who had barged through my door, the one with the wild eyes and best of backroom casting porn couch the inability to speak properly.

It was the truth, and the unfortunate cost of being as much a hermit as modern society would allow. I used the last of my bottled water this morning, was going to head out for more soon. My home was certainly lovely, but remote, ten miles away from the nearest town and securely in the realm of butt fuck nowhere, sitting proud like a concrete middle finger to the Nevada desert sprawling out around it.

You might have intuited before that I treasure my free porn czech ( time and like to spend it away from the stresses of the world: you probably did not realize the extreme degree to which I had taken such a principle. My mind kicked into high gear, and I tried to think of any reserves I had. " I said, but trailed off when I saw her eyes were not even in the same dimension as me.

"I only try to go to the store when I really need it, you see. " She did not react, just continued to stare, the sound dying but her mouth continuing to move in imitation of it, "Weve had problems with the plumbing recently and. The girl swooned forward, and my body reached out to catch hers.

The groaning did not cease, but continued to evolve, and I thought I could hear some syllables in there now. The heat was not going to be helping here. Again, another part of my mind came screaming forward, and it was quite pleased with what happened next.

For the first time I noticed her blinking, how rapid and irregular it was, how it made her piercing green eyes seem to flap in and out of existence. Every dirty garment she had was off her in no time and thrown to the side, and in my authoritarian haze I did not even register any eroticism with this.

I had to cool her down however I could. I usually scoff at a phrase like that, but goddamn if I dont mean it here. There was no water, that was for sure, and last I remembered I was all out of just about everything. So I began to rip off her clothes. Without even realizing it, I had taken off my shirt too. Her eyes mostly closed but still flickering, she began mumbling incoherence.

She was young and had been dressed in survivalist gear: it was the horror story you hear about every now again on the Discovery Channel or National Geographic. She fell into my arms, and I immediately dragged her over to the couch, throwing away the pillow to lay her down straight. It was only after, when I felt my cock pop up like it was spring loaded, when I had a minute to stand and take in the situation, when for the first time I got a good look at the most wonderful tits I think I had ever seen.

I took her pulse, and it was racing. "
The pieces were, of course, beginning to come together now. I looked up and out of the nearest window and saw my car waiting ready. The desert heat will catch you anywhere, especially when its already done most of its work. Ive learned how to look through the human anatomy like it werent there if Im operating under a medical context, but nothing was going to stop the way those perky little tits were standing straight up.

" I shook my head and cursed under my breath, then turned my attention back to her, "You need nutrients. but youll never make it like this. Kids barely past eighteen head out into the wild for an adventure, then discover what that word really means. I had to get her to a hospital. To get her to the ICU, where they could bring her back from the brink. If not of water, then of anything.

" her mumbles were getting even softer, ". And suddenly, that old voice in the back room casting couch of my mind started to make a little sense. She was not going to last long, even inside. For now, all she needed was a surge. "
I just had to keep her alive long enough to get her to the hospital. I was Doctor damnit, a long casting porn man of reason and science.

That was fucking ridiculous. Even if it did work, it would be taking advantage! I shook the idea loose. Its not though, the other side reasoned. I needed to utilize every treatment method available to save my patient. Letting out the primal part of me when I should be using every ounce of my sense.

With a surgeons grace, I whipped off my belt and threw my pants to the floor. Her breathing was getting more and more shallow by the second. My medical equipment was more than ready, and this patient needed an infusion of protein. Anything at all to give her the strength that would give me some time.

To properly administer the treatment, I would need visual stimulation: I focused in on those tits again, bouncing oh so slightly up and down with czeach porn every breath. This woman was on the edge of death and begging for help. The boxers quickly followed, and my jumped at the chance for freedom. I went hard and fast, spitting on my hand and stroking it into my rock hard cock while I pumped and pumped.

I closed my eyes and rubbed my temples. I wondered if I was as close as she was: a different edge, most certainly, but perhaps one no less awe-inspiring. I stroked faster and faster, leaning closer to her face, an image that only brought me closer to the edge. The pressure began to build. Even with her eyes shut, she could sense what was going on, what I was trying to do.

The pressure was truly incredible, and I could feel the cum welling up in my shaft. She gave it the softest of kisses. Again, my dick brushed up against her lips, and this time her nervous system was working to save her life. Her mouth slipped open, and my cock began to brush up against her lips. I could see it happening already: the more I spurted, the more enthusastic her mouth became, teasing every last bit of cum out of me.

Her nipples were pink and small, and I imagined how they would taste on my tongue. I knew I could not miss with a single drop, and made sure every last bit got inside of her. My seed was thick, falling down past her lips and into her mouth, where it would pass down through her throat and replenish the strength she had lost.

And she was already looking better. KatrinaRay
[1 comment] I exploded cum, and my waiting patient was all too happy to gobble it up. I think it was instinct, but she got it. When at last I was done, I pulled back, breathing heavy myself now, beads of sweat glistening over my whole body.

The orgasm was what had shook my body, but what had shook my heart was saving the young woman in front of me.

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