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european sex filmsIt all began early on in their relationship, where they had stumbled into a sexual role’s that filled each others needs, Amber was in her mid -20’s, petite slim frame and 4’10" height, had been with a few guys before an always felt unsatisfied from sex which led her to have a femdom fetish, she was all about sexual power she felt a rush over dominating a guy and humiliating them, after numerous sexual encounters she finally come across Josh who was just what she was looking for at the time.

" said Josh confused, as he had never been czech women tube granted anything like this before, "Yes, I want you to be a man and make me feel like a woman as best as you can"
"Ok but I don’t want to disappoint you, if you tell me what to do and what you want then I can please you better"
"Just shut up and Fuck me like a man" Amber says aggressively
"Ok" Josh immediately takes his clothes off exposing his small erect penis, trembling with excitement and fear, moves up to amber looks into her eyes and cautiously and gently starts to take off her panties, she looks back at him rolls her eyes back, then proceeds to take her own clothes off drops them on the floor, now both naked josh still trembling moves in on amber and slowly lies her down on the bed behind, she opens her legs up and says "you can do this" Josh now almost breaking a sweat mutter’s out a "thank you" and inserts his hard little penis into Amber who lets out a sympathetic "oh god", not realizing how horny Josh has gotten, a few hard pumps by Josh and within a minute later it’s all over and he blows his load.

"God I’m so sorry" he cries out and begins weeping into Amber’s chest, "I know you are, and you’re always there for me but I need a man" amber says and cradles his head, Josh now freaking out thinking his relationship is over says "please don’t leave me you mean everything to me"
Amber then lift his chin up, takes her finger wipes away a tear away from his eye, licks it and tells him "I own you, why do you think I would leave you?

One particular night Amber decided that Josh could have a treat tonight she said
"You’ve been good to me for a long time now so I’m going to let you have full sex with me your way you terms"
"You mean full pussy penetration anything I want? You mean you want to fuck them"
"Yeah that’s the whole point, I have you for everything else"
Josh freezes for a moment in shock coming to the realization that his partner wants to have a sexual relationship with another person other than him, Amber seeing the look and shock in his eyes says to him "Don’t say anything now but think about it and let me know tomorrow" then kisses him and goes to sleep.

Josh in his early 30’s average height and build was a shy overly sensitive guy in the bedroom, part of that come from the embarrassment he felt over his small penis size measuring 4 inches erect, and the strong feeling’s he held inside of worthlessness and not understanding where he fit into the world, he really enjoyed the attention Amber gave him be it good or bad, serving her every need made him feel like he had a purpose, he idolized her like a god every day and did anything she asked, serving her every need and making her happy became his goal in life, it lifted him in the bad time’s and he felt happy knowing her needs be it sexual or otherwise always came first.

Amber and Josh weren’t your ordinary couple, to the average person they appeared to be a happily couple with a year solid relationship, but in the bedroom it was anything but normal they were in search of a special something sexual and it wasn’t till they met Andrew and Megan that they found what they were looking for. Sex for them was always on Ambers kinky terms, her favorite form of pleasure was facesittng, the power of her man squirming underneath her was mostly all she needed to get off, if Josh was good he was allowed a hand job if he was bad a golden shower, or anal with Ambers strap on, and on the very rare occasion amber wanted intercourse it was strictly woman on top, if Josh came inside her, he would be forced to eat the cream pie out of her.

"sshhhhh, Listen to me, I said I need a man, now stop sobbing and tell me who you think is a real man that you know and look up to"
Josh snuffles "you mean like brad pitt"
"Yeah but obviously you can’t hook me up with brad pitt"
"hook up? Early into the hours of the morning Josh runs through all the names in his phone and picks two guys who he could visualize with his girl, the first one was Matt, a tall well-built single guy from the gym he went to, he would always have the best sex stories to tell him each week, which made him the ideal pick for a quick one night stand with his girl.

Next morning Amber wakes up, looking at Josh she can tell he had a rough night as he’s still very sleepy says to him "I still own you I’m not letting you go, but I need a man"
Little did she know Josh was not up all night because of stress but it was because he was fantasying about the two guys he had in mind for her, Josh replies "I’m going to make it right, just leave it to me"
"You’ve got the week to find me a man to fuck or I’ll find one myself, that’s all I’m saying on the matter" With that Amber walks off and left it in the hands of Josh.

Josh lies in bed hours on end that night trying to process what he had just heard, soo many thoughts go through his mind, at first he get angry of the idea of another guy with his girl, but then starts to remember her words that so powerfully moved and comforted him "I own you", and remembers just how happy he feels pleasing her and that this could be an opportunity to give his goddess the best gift of all.

OK pull it together it’s time, Josh says to himself, he goes down to meet Andrew for his session, the conversation starts strictly formal with, what are you been up to? , are you keeping to your diet? For Josh this was the challenge to find the girl he adored a man in a week, first thing he did was call up his trainer and make a booking ASAP, luckily he got a session same day.

, Josh waiting for the right segway then hears Andrew say
"What are you really wanting out of this? , have you kept to your program? "
"Yea she’s pretty adventurous and keen"
"Sure I’m totally up for it, you know I’m with Megan don’t you? In the toilet he can’t get that cock image out of his head, he keep’s thinking to himself, Andrew you know this is the guy Amber needs, how can I do this he thinks, do I pay him, do I tell him straight out I want him to fuck my girl, it can’t be that hard he thinks, I told Amber I’m going to make it right, but my god that was cock big, Josh then still in the toilet closes his eyes and visualizes the thought of giant cock going doggy cech street porn style against Ambers ass , he can’t help but to masturbate in the toilet at the thought.

Cause in know Amber will be"
"She will be but I have to warn you Megan a bit of a free spirt, what I’m trying to say is she swings both ways and no ways it’s kind of up to her and how she feels. So you really want to do this? "
"Yea, is Megan ok with it? "
"Yeah I’m willing to if you are, have to start sometime, is this Friday too soon?

"Sure I’ll see if it’s ok with Amber"
While Andrew goes away to see Megan, Josh is torn, on one side he’s happy he could be making Amber’s wish come true but the other he thinks to himself for a moment if he’s made a huge mistake that he has almost agreed to have sex with Megan, he calls Amber up to deliver then news "Hey babe you free tonight?

" that’s when Josh thinks here’s my chance and replies "Well to be free porn czech casting perfectly honest, I want to get into shape because me and my girl want to try becoming swingers"
"No shit man that’s what we do, that’s how I got into Personal training"
Andrew then opened up about his sexual desires and swinging lifestyle, he basically admitted to Josh that he works on his body so much because of his overwhelmingly high sex drive, Josh wasn’t thinking straight clouded by judgment continues his false story said "Me and my girl are very new swinger’s too maybe you could you know show us a thing or too"
Andrew replies "Your girl is still Amber right?

The second was Andrew who was Josh’s personal trainer, he was the full package a true athlete body wise, muscular, six pack tall, tanned, handsome and well-endowed from what Josh had seen in the gym shower and a general top guy, but the problem with that was he was already dating the gym receptionist Megan so that option was far less likely.

Josh still keeping his options open gets to the Gym early goes straight in to the showers to see what types of guys he can sneak an up close nude view of, when he walks into the shower block who does he see www.casting but his trainer showering fully naked with one of the biggest flaccid penis he has ever seen, he remembers it before but this time he gets a good eyeful and it just seems soo much bigger than he remembered, instantly he can visualize Amber playing with that giant hanging cock he just saw, so he quickly hides in the toilet to disguise his quickly emerging erection.

" Amber replies to josh still on the phone "who’s that" says amber Josh in a panic says "Hold on Amber, Megan’s here I’m going to put you on speaker"
Megan then continues "You guys don’t know what you’re doing, we are regular and very well-known swingers, because to be brutally honest Andrew has a giant cock an I’m a hit with the girls if you know what I mean, I don’t want you guys thinking this is a fair trade off cause it’s not"
Amber then confesses to Megan "Well Megan, Josh is doing this for me and, I don’t want to sound rude but I wouldn’t let him have sex with anyone, can we talk alone for a bit"
Amber then talks to Megan about their relationship for some time, how she’s feeling unfulfilled in their relationship and she is looking for something to spice things up and she’s open to new experiences, Megan hears her out and agrees to the date just as long as she doesn’t get left out, Amber agrees that she never been that far with a woman before but she’s willing to give Megan some one on one time to which Megan reassures her that she won’t regret it.

Megan and Amber agree to make the date official, Megan then passes the phone back room casting couch to Josh an says "Wow Josh you’re such a nice guy to go all this way for Amber, I hope you’re ok with this? I got a Big Man surprise for you, its Andrew my Personal Trainer"
Amber excitedly replies "You didn’t did you? "
"Sorry I can’t do Friday, Maybe we can go tonight if I check with Megan first?

Josh then heads over to Andrew back on the gym floor who looks a little confused as to the drama that unfolded, he says to Andrew "Girls are in, dates on tonight"
Andrew with a smile on his face lift’s his hand up in the air and gives Josh a high five "Alright bro, that’s great news, now let’s get you into shape"
They return to Josh’s training program, but josh is still worried, he knows Andrew doesn’t know all the details but thinks to himself, Andrew’s going to think I’m such a freak, hopefully Megan will just fill him euro girl sex in on it all.

"Thanks Megan, Amber’s my goddess, master and boss if she’s happy then I’m happy"
Megan with a slight worried look on her face says "Ok buddy as long as your good, the dates on tonight, I hope we put on a memorable show for you" and gives him a pat on the shoulder as she retunes to her job. "
Josh worried he’s in trouble admits "Yea I lured them in by, pretending we want to be swingers"
"Well you are not going to fuck or even lay a finger on Megan I’ll tell you this now!

I got you a real man"
"Yes you did, but you know I’m going to have to punish you for it, so what would you like first your reward or punishment? "
"We are going to go lingerie shopping and you can choose what you want me to wear for our guests tonight"
"Wow, thank you babe, can we go now?

Josh heads home excited about the plans in store for the night, to be greeted by Amber who kisses him as he walks thought the door, and says "Babe you’ve made me proud and I got a special treat in mind for you today, however I’m not too pleased how you went about it, and what’s this talk about Andrew’s giant cock? You better not be lying, wait isn’t he with Megan?

Amber goes off into the other room and comes out with a male chastity device and says "Tonight you’re wearing this for the whole time our guests are here" Josh thinks to himself, I’m surprised she never got me one sooner now I can just watch, tonight is going to be fun, "Ok babe anything for you, and now what’s the reward?

" Ambers says
Josh replies "Always"

MySpice At that very moment Megan comes storming up to Josh saying "You don’t know what you are doing! 6:50 that night, Amber say’s to Josh "Good were all ready now, it’s time to put your chastity belt bring it here and I’ll fit it for you, quickly they’ll be here in 10 minutes"
Josh brings it over while Amber starts to fit it on for him, as she’s tightening the straps she says "Now when they arrive you to offer them a drink, ok" Andrew nods his head, as a car pulls in the drive "Do I look ok?

" Josh says enthusiastically "Ok let’s go then we have a lot to do for tonight" and off they went. "
Josh excitedly tells Amber "Yea its huge it’s the biggest cock I’ve seen up close I got a look at it in the shower, it must be at least 8 inches"
"What the fuck were you thinking, look at the size of me I can’t take a cock like that"
"I thought you would be happy?

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